About the Quest

This donut quest began in July 2016 in good ol' New Orleans at District Donuts when I found myself starving post-run and staring down a case of stunning, sugary donuts. Sitting in the window was a sticker for being on Thrillst's Donut List for the top 33 donut shops in the United States (yes this is a thing #Merica).

I promptly pulled up this list and realized that the editor hadn't personally been to all of these shops. I immediately volunteered my free time and travels to such a worthy cause. 



About Michelle

How do I travel so much you may ask? I work for a healthcare company teaching across the US all while eating donuts, running new routes, and collecting bourbon in new cities every week. I permanently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with my two cats, Monster and Sarabi. 

In my fun time I stay in shape through running, yoga, and lifting. My run pace is slow and steady as I've had ligament replacement in my knee circa 2011. I am always aiming to complete a FULL marathon. 

I am an avid American Red Cross blood and platelet donor (you can register here to sign up for your own local donation). The rest of my spare time is spent on my Masters degree while trying to adult. 



My life mottos:

01. Always be loving.

02. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

03. Coffee black. Water tap. Whiskey neat.